Apparently bees occupying Los Angeles Water Department meters are one of the most common calls to the Backwards Beekeepers, and Saturday’s swarm in Mar Vista was no different. Roberta of Backwards Beekeepers responded to the call and was able to rescue the swarm that would have otherwise had a much less favorable outcome. She was also able to enlist several neighbors to be hive hosts and bee advocates.

The swarm, although relatively small, was totally happy to let us help them find a new home. Roberta described the swarm’s temperment as “sweet” as they lapped up nectar and buzzed about non-aggressively, and noted that they will make an excellent backyard hive. Though they have less than a 50% chance of staying put, I’m hoping these lovely ladies will find my backyard a suitable home. Stay tuned to see whether they stick around.

Special thanks to Roberta and the Backwards Beekeepers.